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Theo has been working for Tonke since the very beginning. First as a freelancer and for a number of years in permanent employment.
We would like to introduce him to you.
Who are you?
Theo Otto, married and father of 3 children.

How old are you?
54 years old
Do you like camping yourself?
When the children were small, we always went to France with a big tent. Now the youngest is 18 years old and they no longer go along. At the moment I am building a camper myself (a Tonke of course!) And with the Tonke my wife and I will go on trips together.
What is your background before you started working at Tonke?
My background is quite diverse; welder, carpenter in construction, decor builder, technical consultant, wooden house builder and even cheese maker. But the last 10 years I have been a camper technician at Tonke.
How did you end up at Tonke?
Maarten (owner of Tonke) was looking for an interior builder and mutual acquaintance brought us together.
What makes working at Tonke fun?
About 10 years ago I was just Maarten an me in one hall. Designing, discussing and building motorhomes of course. I liked this setting. The company has grown enormously since then - we now have 3 halls -. I just went along with it and it's still not boring; enough innovations, a lot of consultation with the whole team, a nice open organizational structure and of course a beautiful product. That has remained the same in all those years; building solid, but especially beautiful campers.
Thanks Theo, on to the next 10 years!
Volkswagen has updated its trusty Transporter 6: the T6.1. In the meantime we have converted about ten of the latest Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 buses into Tonke VANs. In this item we discuss the updates of the T6.1.

The most visible update is the new grill. After all, the bus has received a real facelift. The dashboard has also been completely renewed with a larger and better placed digital screen and the scratch-resistant plastic.

Visually not much has changed, but under the hood all the more. For example, the 2.0 TDI engines have been renewed. They have a higher torque in the low revs. The engines are also a bit quieter than before. The power steering is no longer hydraulic, but electromechanical. I hear you thinking: what? This adjustment has made steering behaviour even better.

In addition, the T6.1 offers the possibility to choose options such as lane assist, park assist, trailer assist and crosswind assistance and that can really be a solution. High-tech, huh?! Yes, it is also connected to the internet and the telephone line. With one push of a button you have 112 on the line (we accidentally found out in the workshop .. oops!). Besides there are various online applications with which you are completely connected.

What has also (finally) been greatly improved is the power supply of the second battery while driving. The second battery supplies the motorhome part with power.

Conclusion: It is again a rock-solid bus that is also very smart and safe. And that fits exactly in our camper vision.

You don't need the latest technology or do you have a more limited budget? We are of course also still converting existing buses into Tonke VANs. You can choose both the Transporter T5 and the T6 models.

Do you want more information?
As you could read in the previous item, we build the Tonke VAN T6.1 based on the latest Volkswagen Transporter T6.1. But we have also updated the camper interior. Our multi-award-winning rotatable kitchen and cabinet set have been renewed and have become even more user-friendly. Off course this requires a new brochure. You can download it below.
A few weeks ago we delivered a beautiful Tonke Classic to a bunch of happy customers. We have worked hard on it and the result is impressive, so beautiful!

This Tonke Classic is built onto a Mercedes Sprinter chassis 3.5T and can therefore be driven with a regular B driving license. The superstructure has a sturdy aluminium exterior with stylish mahogany interior walls. In the front is a comfortable bed of 160x200cm. In the back is a seat executed with beautiful leather and with French doors. In addition, the Tonke Classic is equipped with a unloading system, so that the unit can also be used standalone as a tinyhouse.

For more photos of the outside and inside, click on the link below.
Why can't one car do everything? A car in which you can travel, move things, have meetings and spend the night? Decide to go on a weekend on Friday? With your cycling friends and a few bikes in the back?

The Tonke VAN is like a Swiss army knife ... Compact, versatile and excellently built. For daily use, city trip and world trip. With the comfort of a passenger car with up to 7 modular seats.
Floorplans from left to right:
  • 6 seats with worktop
  • 7 seats with through-loading facility for e.g. sailing or skis
  • 5 seats and bicycles
  • Two seats and up to 5m3 cargo space
  • Camping or meeting with very spacious seating
  • 2 excellent beds (2 persons upstairs, 2 persons downstairs)
Due to the measures of RIVM, it is currently only possible to make 1-to-1 appointments, so that you can have a look at our campers and in our workshop safely. You are welcome.
Do you prefer to view the possibilities from home first?
Configure your new Tonke Van T6.1 online.

If you have any questions, we can be reached by telephone on +31(0)76 5935644 or by email at Video calling is also an option.
Tonke VAN in the Swiss Alps.
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