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Edition: May 2020
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Bart is the latest member of the Tonke team. We are happy with him as a colleague and would like to introduce him to you.

Who are you?
Bart Kole, born in Aruba and living in the Netherlands since 2013

How old are you?
28 years

Are you a camper?
Definitely! My first camping trip was in 2004. Me and my family did a road trip through Europe with a camper. The adventure started in the Netherlands, through Belgium and from France to Barcelona. Then we went to Switzerland, via Vienna and through Germany back to the Netherlands. Since then I love camping, but on Bonaire (where I grew up) there were not many options for it, as it is a small island. Since I live in the Netherlands, I go to several multi-day festivals every year with my girlfriend, our dog and our camper van. We are planning for a surf trip to Portugal, of course with our camper!

What do you do at Tonke?
I work as a camper technician. So I (and my colleagues) build the campers from A to Z.

What do you like about working at Tonke?
Tonke is a fun and challenging company, where they work neatly. It is varied work: you are working on something different every day. I am very interested in automotive engineering, but also interior design, furniture construction and metalworking. All skills I can make use of in my job. Tonke has a small and close team. It is important to them that we have fun together. I feel at home.

Thanks Bart!
It all started in the late summer of 2005. During a beautiful sunset on a hilltop of the vast grain plains in France, Maarten van Soest invented the Tonke Classic. A camper with nothing but strong features: a safe and modern car and a build-up with the appearance of a gypsy car with a luxurious sailing yacht interior. Besides his daughter Tonke, the company (which he named after his daughter) was born as well.

In 2013 MyVAN made a nice movie about the company philosophy of Tonke and the build of the Tonke Classic: “Sailing the roads with a Tonke Camper”. The video shows the craftsmanship and quality that Tonke uses in her campers. A time-lapse shows how a Classic is being built. The youthful faces of Maarten and Theo (the first employee ever of Tonke, who is still working in our workshop) are also fun to see!

Since then, the Tonke company has developed tremendously. We have grown physically: we have gone from one to three production halls. We have developed the Tonke VAN. This model has been awarded several times by the public for its design. And you can find Tonke campers in the wild on all continents.

But what hasn’t changed is the craftsmanship and quality. Every camper, whether it is a Classic or a VAN, is built by us with care and attention in the workshop in Terheijden, the Netherlands. We exclusively use high-quality materials, such as stainless-steel hinges and locks from yacht build, to make sure you can: “Sailing the roads with a Tonke Camper”.
Would you like to see the craftsmanship and quality of Tonke with your own eyes? Then you should definitely plan a visit to our workshop in Terheijden, the Netherlands.

Due to the measures of RIVM, it is currently only possible to make 1-to-1 appointments, so that you can have a look at our campers and in our workshop safely. You are welcome, as well as your partner.
Do you prefer to view the possibilities from home first?
Configure your new Tonke Van T6.1 online.

If you have any questions, we can be reached by telephone during office hourse on +31(0)76 5935644 or by email at info@tonke.eu. Video calling is also an option.
The Tonke VAN has been around for 5 years now and you can find them in the wild all over the world. We have often received compliments on our design in the past years. Meaningful feedback and clever ideas have also been shared with us. Therefore, it was time for a completely new design that incorporated all the "lessons learned" and the latest innovations in technology. In this newsletter we focus on the new outside kitchen and next month the new smart design of the cabinet will be discussed.

Turning mechanism
Let's start with the swing-out hinge of the outdoor kitchen. We gave our engineer permission to go nuts on a new design. Outcome? The hinge can be adjusted in all dimensions. Previously, you had to pop up the table tops to block the kitchen outside. The newly developed hinge has an end stop that prevents the kitchen from hitting the sliding door of the bus. A gas spring under the kitchen ensures that the kitchen remains fixed when you turn it out. This way you can stand closer to the stove while cooking.

The new hinge replaces the table at the back of the outside kitchen, which also functioned to fasten the kitchen to the sliding door handle. It has been replaced by a side table that, when you are cooking, forms a much wider counter to your right. Instead of having an outdoor hob, you have a fully equipped kitchen counter outside the car! Also, the kitchen is now equipped with drawers with soft-close technology. Fancy huh?

Between the two drawers is a middle compartment where, e.g. the pans can be stored. As before, the wastewater tank is still in an easily removable location. The stove with built-in sink is also provided with an update. The new sink is slightly narrower than before, but a lot deeper so you have more space. The two gas burners are at a wider distance from each other, which allows you to use larger pans and cook more comfortably.

In short; cooking outside the updated Tonke VAN offers you even more freedom!

Curious? Come and have a look in Terheijden, the Netherlands.
Would you like to know more about quality, craftsmanship and the Tonke VAN?
Below you can download the brochure for free.
Sunset in Sweden
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